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Masaru Yoshihara

 Time Zone:(GMT +9:00) Tokyo
 Skype: Celestie.jp          
 Email: info@@celestie.jp
 Twitter: usamimix



Born and raised in Nikko.
  ->Don't you know Nikko? It is one of the world heritage areas in Japan.
  ->See this Website "Nikko Travel Guide"

Graduated Waseda University ( the Law Department ).

After Working as a systems engineer and editor-in-chief of one of the business magazines in Japan for 8 years, I became a full-time professional energy healer. 
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I live and work primarily in Tokyo,Japan.




Seraphim Blueprint Teacher
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Theta Healing® Practitioner and Instructor (of all courses).
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The Lightarian Rays™ Teacher(of all levels).

Lightarian™ Reiki Teacher(of all levels).

The Lightarian Purification Rings™  Teacher(of all levels).